Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

how level up easily in mafia war

This has been my strategy for my account now...

0. Choose Maniac as your character.

1. Is to find a good pimping group then make your family to 501.

2. After you have a 501 family already vault the collections that give energy bonus ask your family to gift you these collections, that wont be a problem because people in mafia world helps family members that ask politely and do put it on your wishlist so that it would be easy for the gifter to send you the collections. Here are the collections that gives energy bunos
a. Diamond Flush Collection- +1 energy bonus
b. Cigars Collection----------- +2 energy bonus
c. Painting Collection--------- +6 energy bonus
d. Barber Shop Collection---- +4 energy bonus
e. Great Horse Collection---- +7 energy bonus
f. Rum Drinks Collection------ +8 energy bonus

3. After you have vaulted this items you have sufficient energy to finish basics jobs easily.

4. Dont buy Casinos or properties people would not bother you if you dont have properties to be bother with.
And the first rule is *Do not do to others that you dont want them to do into you* so dont rob people's properties would pissed them big time.

5. Master *Street Thug* it gives a Pistol Bayonet = +4% damage dealt in fights.

6. Master *Associate* it gives a Bugatti* = -7% damage received in fights.

7. Every time you level up put all your stats in energy.

8. Important also is to only buy your GodFather Points with stats don't buy energy refills.

9. If you reach 35 go to Cuba.

Then starting making your business thier and always remember to only attacked in CUBA not in NY when you reach level 35. Always used all your stamina for fights.

10. Master *Enforcer* Money Plate = a 5% discount on property purchases.

11. Master *Consigliere* it gives a Helicopter = a 30 second reduction on your energy regeneration timer.

12. If you want to master BOSS JOB fast you need ITRs and Blackmail Photos so ask for family members to give you some. And also start finishing all collections by asking family members for collections stuffs that you still dont have.

13. Master *Boss: Golden Throne* = 2x the energy regenerated per regeneration period.

14. After you have mastered the Boss job focus all your energy to 999.

15. After that put all your stats in Defense till you reach 300

16. Life to 300

17. Stamina to 50

18. After reaching 300 defense put all your stats to 300 attack

19. Life to 300

20. Remember always fight in cuba and finish all your jobs thier.

21. You notice that I put my attack stat last because you dont have a problem with attacking people. Just attacked people that has less than 250 mafia family and you should always win in attacks.

Great jobs, Jet! Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

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