Kamis, 22 Oktober 2009

ufo di sala tiga indonesia

Salatiga, 2003. On Sunday,12 Oktober 2003, me and my friend Adit (also from Economic but 3 years older than me) were taking picture of scenery around Salatiga for our website. We took pictures from an unused bank building of BHS Bank. After we took dozens of shots around the building, suddenly my friend pointing to the distance and yelling “11… 11…” (I was getting ready to take pictures of the Mount Ungaran). I look at the 11′o clock direction and saw that something is… glowing? or perhaps I should say ‘flickering’ I think it’s above the RawaPening Lake. It’s like the sky is distorted and I could see something… weird? Then I just press the shutter and take the picture without having any chance to adjust the camera’s focus. I’m disappointed when I’m getting ready to take another shot, the ‘thing’ or should i say the ‘object’ is like turning its color to transparrent so in a flash the sky just seemed empty.

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