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mafia war cheat (cuba payout and reward)

Mafia Wars Cheats - Mafia Wars Jobs, Payouts and Rewards

This list is designed to help you level up quickly in Mafia Wars on Facebook or MySpace. Note that the calculations here are taken from the Facebook version of Mafia Wars, which may differ slightly from the MySpace one.

Mafia Wars Jobs and Experience Payouts

Jobs in Mafia Wars are broken up into sections called Job Tiers. Lower level job tiers are designed for lower level characters, although you may find yourself going back to look for special loot or collectible items.

Use this list as reference on what job will get you the most bang for your buck! The list below is also broken up into these tiers. You'll see the general job tier listed, followed by the individual jobs within that tier, and finally the experience ratio. How the experience ratio work. The simple answer, the higher the number, the best experience per energy.

So, if a job is listed as a ratio of 1.5x, it means that for every one energy point it costs to do the job, you get back 1.5 experience points. In addition, to make things super simple I've highlighted the nest job in each tier. Please keep in mind that this list does not account for any prerequisites that are needed for a job, which would in reality make the job cost more energy, and therefore lower the payout ratio.

El Soldado Jobs (Cuba) - Levels 35-59

Rob Your Cab Driver - 1.6x (best experience)
Secure A Safehouse - 1.59x
Intimidate The Locals - 1.57x
Silence a Noisy Neighbor - 1.59x
Smuggle In Some Supplies - 1.57x
Set Up A Numbers Racket - 1.58x
Establish Contact With The FRG - 1.56x
Take Out The Local Police Chief - 1.57x
"Persuade" A Local To Talk - 1.59x
Assault A Snitch's Hideout - 1.58x

El Capitan Jobs (Cuba) - Levels 60-84

Transport A Shipment of US Arms - 1.63x
Meet With The FRG Leadership - 1.68x
Hold Up a Tour Bus - 1.7x
Ambush a Military Patrol - 1.65x
Capture an Army Outpost - 1.66x
Sneak A Friend Of The Family Into The Country - 1.71x (best experience)
Ransack A Local Plantation - 1.64x
Burn Down a Hacienda - 1.65x

El Jefe Jobs (Cuba) - Levels 85-109

Offer "Protection" To A Nightclub - 1.74x
Rob The Banco Nacional Branch - 1.72x
Shake Down a Hotel Owner - 1.69x
Bring The Local Teamsters Under Your Control - 1.76x
Help The FRG Steal A Truckload Of Weapons - 1.7x
Hijack a Booze Shipment - 1.78x (best experience)
Pillage a Shipyard - 1.7x
Take Over the Docks - 1.72x

El Patron Jobs (Cuba) - Levels 110-129

Muscle In On A Local Casino - 1.78x
Establish A Loansharking Business - 1.77x
Eliminate A Rival Family's Agent - 1.76x
Pass On Some Intel to The FRG - 1.78x
Execute A Regional Arms Dealer - 1.78x
Sink a Competing Smuggler's Ship - 1.74x
Gun Down an Enemy Crew at the Airport - 1.8x (best experience)
Assassinate An Opposing Consigliere - 1.75x

El Padrino Jobs (Cuba) - Levels 130+

Raid the Arms Depot - 1.77x
Supply The FRG With Some Extra Muscle - 1.8x (tied for best experience)
Capture The Airport - 1.8x (tied for best experience)
Knock Off A Visiting Head Of State - 1.77x
Set Up A High Volume Smuggling Operation - 1.8x (tied for best experience)
Blow Up A Rail Line - 1.8x (tied for best experience)
Attack The Army Command Post - 1.79x
Storm the Presidential Palace - 1.78x

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