Rabu, 02 Desember 2009

Mafia Wars: Cuba Job Mastery Reward Items; Strategy Guide

The Job Mastery Rewards in Mafia Wars: Cuba are items which can be used in fights rather than items with passive bonuses.

El Soldado (Tier 1) reward: El Rey Roadster

Vehicle: 40 Attack, 34 Defense

El Capitan (Tier 2) reward: Guerilla Commando

Armor: 38 Attack, 35 Defense

El Jefe (Tier 3) reward: Avispa Machine Gun

Weapon: 54 Attack, 24 Defense

El Patron (Tier 4) reward: Che's Beret

Armor: 46 Attack, 34 Defense

El Padriano (Tier 5) reward: Cocodrilo APC

Vehicle: 42 Attack, 56 Defense

El Cacique (Tier 6) reward: Cazador Assault Rifle

Weapon: 60 attack, 25 defense

And that's all the tiers. The rewards are a little disappointing - they do not really do much! Five total items is just a drop in the bucket when you can fight with 501 weapons, armors, and vehicles.

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