Rabu, 02 Desember 2009

Mafia Wars Money Laundering Collection & Boost; Strategy Guide

Vaulting the money laundering collection reduces the bank deposit fee from 10% to 7%. This is not a bad collection, but it's a bit underwhelming; it will only be useful in Cuba. Odds are people still won't be able to steal even 7% of your money from fighting if you have a decent amount of it, so it is better to just keep it in your inventory if you have more than around 50,000,000 (either New York or Moscow) or so.

As a boost, you can get a "Money Sock" which makes each job you do pay out 50% more (pretty weak in my opinion, even if you get 7) considering how many people you are going to have to help to get that many collection pieces in the first place.

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