Senin, 26 Oktober 2009

FarmVille Strategy and Tips - Buying Experience Points

Leveling up by gathering experience points in FarmVille is a great way to access the best crops. Here is a simple tip you can use to literally trade your coins for experience points:

1. Plow a field (or several) at an unoccupied square. (+1 xp, -15 coins)
2. Plant Soybeans at each field you just plowed. (+2 xp, -15 coins).
3. Demolish the field you just planted soybeans at.
4. Repeat the process as much as you wish.

In FarmVille, you get experience points as soon as you plant the crop rather than having to wait for it to harvest. So for 30 coins, you can gain +3 experience per square. The only downside to this method is that it is boring and it costs you money. However, this strategy really shines when you are just a couple experience points away from the next level and really want access to a better crop!

As you get more wealth in the game, you can spend your coins for experience points in even bigger quantities which makes it a lot less tedious. Here's how:

When you buy and subsequently build a new building, you get experience points. Some of the very expensive buildings can supply a lot of experience points. If you want to spend some real money, you can also buy buildings with farm cash which supply a LOT of experience points. The manor for example costs $56 cash but gives you 1,000 experience points.

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