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farm file power leveling strategy guide

Here is a step-by-step strategy guide for leveling up as fast as possible in FarmVille. Rapid leveling is very useful because it will give you best crops, free gifts, other items, and give you the coins you need to purchase them. With that said, on with the guide:

Step 1: Install the FarmVille application.

Easy enough.

Step 2: Start working on ribbons.

Yes, you will be working on ribbons before even planting a crop. The first ribbon you should focus on is Local Celebrity. Go out and proceed to add 50 friends to your farm (as your first step). To get more friends, search Facebook for "add me" groups. There are a lot of groups out there with hundreds of thousands of farmers all looking for more people to add as neighbors.

Hand-in-hand with the Local Celebrity ribbon is the Gifted, not Spoiled! ribbon. Accept 21 free gifts and keep them in your box. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook you probably already have a lot of these free gift requests. Accept one of each type of gift, do not place it on your farm, and you will end up with a lot of free XP and coins.

Step 3: As soon as you get 15,000 coins from ribbons (as soon as you hit the blue ribbon on either listed above), expand your farm one time and plant a field of strawberries.

Expanding your farm from 12x12 to 14x14 costs 10,000 coins. Plowing and planting a field of strawberries costs 4900 coins. Berries are the best for early level powerleveling so stick to those for now.

Step 4: Start working on more easy ribbons.

Some ribbons will earn themselves, like the high roller:

You will get this one as soon as you make your first harvest.

But, in the mean time, some more easy ribbons you should do are the Noah's Ark and Tree Hugger. For the Noah's Ark achievement, just get 1 of each standard eight animals, harvest from them, and you'll get all the way up through the blue ribbon. The same thing goes for the Green Thumb ribbon - save a corner of your farm and 1 new crop there (only need to harvest 1 crop 1 time to count for the achievement).

Step 5: Harvest and Re-plant Strawberries.

Do this until you hit level 8.

Step 6: At level 8, start planting Raspberries.

Raspberries give a little less XP than Strawberries (while it calculates out to the same just considering growing time, it takes your farmer time to re-plant). Raspberries can be a pain to farm since you have to harvest, plow, and seed every 2 hours. I recommend GridClicker to help ease the pain.

Step 7: Once you get 34,000 coins, both from ribbons and raspberries, expand your farm to 16x16.

A 16x16 expansion costs 25,000 and to plow all 256 squares with raspberries, it will cost 8960 coins (256 squares * (15 coins for plowing + 20 coins for raspberry seeds).

Step 8: Keep planting and harvesting raspberries.

Do this every 2 hours. Raspberries are better than strawberries for powerleveling because they pay better. We need to expand to 20x20 as soon as possible.

Step 9: When you go to bed at night, plant an 8 hour crop.

Don't waste your field time - an 8 hour crop at night is good for making cash. Pumpkins are a good low-level crop for farming at night - a 16x16 field of pumpkins will produce a 5,888 coin net profit.

Once you get high enough level (and have enough coins), switch to tomatoes, and finally sugar cane.

Step 10: At level 17, switch over to Blueberries.

Blueberries only have to be harvested every 4 hours and pay off even better than raspberries. The only downside is the cost - a 16x16 field will cost 16,640 coins to fully plant.

Step 11: Once you have 71,060 coins, expand your farm to 18x18.

Keep planting blueberries until you get 71,060 coins. Once you have that many coins, expand your farm to 18x18. The 18x18 expansion costs 50,000 coins and has 324 farmable slots. To seed a field that size with blueberries would cost 21,060 coins.

Note: You might get enough money for the 18x18 expansion before you unlock blueberries, depending on how many ribbons you have completed and how diligent you have been about harvesting. If this is the case, buy the 18x18 expansion before you switch to blueberries.

Step 12: Make sure you are planting tomatoes at night (if you can afford it).

Planting an 18x18 field with tomatoes costs 37,260 coins, but pays off very well.

Step 13: Once you have 101,000 coins, purchase the 20x20 expansion.

The 20x20 expansion costs 75,000 coins and planting that full of blueberries costs 26,000 coins.

Step 14: Once you have made it to the 20x20 farm, you should be at least level 20.

Keep planting blueberries by day and tomatoes by night. This will get you to level 25 within a few days.

Step 15: The end! At this point, you have several options:

First off, you should buy 30 rest tents with your money. This will give you a lot of bonus experience points for the Architect ribbon.

Then, consider employing the soybean strategy to use up your spare coins. However, you would be hard pressed to find something less exciting than planting over and over again.

If you are that serious about getting your levels, feel free to use your spare coins on this. Each soybean costs 30 coins total (15 coins for soybeans, 15 for plowing) and pays 3 experience points. This is 10 coins per experience point - you can convert 100,000 coins into 10,000 experience points, which is a huge amount.

Following through with the strategy outlined here, and not being too dedicated and occasionally forgetting about my farm, I made it to level 26 in about 2 weeks with 260,000 coins to spare. By turning these 260,000 coins into experience points with the soybean strategy, I literally double the amount of experience points I have earned.

If you decide to use the soybean strategy:

Start planting peas once you are a high enough level to unlock them. Peas do not pay out quite as much experience points as berries, but they pay a lot of coins and only need to be harvested once per day (so you know, if you have to go to work, you don't have to worry about getting around your internet filter that is blocking you from Facebook).

If you decide against the soybean strategy:

Start planting blackberries as soon as you unlock them. These pay out the most coins per hour of any berry and tie strawberries and blueberries for experience points per hour (from planting and plowing). They will pay out even more experience points as you complete the crop mastery.


Thus concludes the powerleveling guide. As new crops (and new expansions) are released, I will update accordingly.

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