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Mafia Wars Moscow Best Weapons, Vehicles, and Armor List; Strategy Guide

Mafia Wars Moscow Best Weapons, Vehicles, and Armor List; Strategy Guide
Due to the partial releases of Mafia Wars Moscow, the recent upgrades to some old equipment, and the several more expansions on the horizon, it seems like it would be a good idea to maintain a running "Best Of" list to outline the best offensive and defensive weapons, armor, and vehicles in game.

Note, to qualify for the list, it must be an item that drops from jobs (job mastery items (like the cazador assault rifle, godfather points items and limited edition items like the Red Coat will be excluded from the list).

Best Offensive Weapons:

Ubijca Assault Rifle: 43 attack, 18 defense - from the "Help "Plan" The Next Attack" job (Vory Only) in Episode 5 in Moscow.

Best Defensive Weapon:

Zmeya Carbon Blade: 28 attack, 44 defense. Drops from the "Hit a Vory Nightclub" job (Mafiya Only) in Episode 6 in Moscow.

Best Offensive Armor:

Shturmovik: 45 attack, 28 defense. Drops from the "Rob a Troop Convoy" job (Vory only) in Episode 4 in Moscow.

Best Defensive Armor:

Executive Overcoat: 22 attack, 45 defense. Drops from the "Acquire Classified Files On Crime Syndicates" job (both sides) in Episode 6 in Moscow.

Best Offensive Vehicle:

Zoloto Sports Car: 43 attack, 22 defense. Drops from the "Ship Black-Market Caviar To London" job (both sides) in Episode 6 in Moscow.

Best Defensive Vehicle:

Konstantin Cargo Carrier: 18 Attack 44 Defense - from the Vory only job in Episode 6 (need name/picture).


As you can see, the best weapons and vehicles still currently come from Cuba with Episodes 5 and 6 still waiting to be released. I am sure given the high stats of items like the Shturmovik that the loot from the last 2 episodes in Moscow will be very, very good. I think that this system (where Cuban items last a long way into Moscow) is a good idea, as it rewards players who took the extra effort to collect a full Cuban set.

When Cuba came out, almost immediately all the items from New York were completely worthless. As a result, there was no significant advantage to collecting a full set of New York gear. However, in Moscow, Cuban equipment is still pretty good, and as a result, players with the best Cuban gear are now able to win plenty of fights in Moscow to earn some much needed Rubles, which is a nice change.

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