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Choosing your class; Mafia Wars Strategy

Choosing your class; Mafia Wars Strategy
Welcome to the guide. After some thought and experimentation, I've developed a way to run through the entire mafia wars' game in just a few days time, while mastering all the jobs along the way! To do this, it is important to develop a "sustainable character". Just remember that every decision should allow your character to never need to wait on stamina and energy to continue through the game. There is more to the strategy then simply maxing energy- the real goal is to maximize energy efficiency - that is how much exp you are able to get out of each energy point. With that said, on with the guide!

Character Selection

The first thing you have to do when you start playing Mafia Wars is to pick your character type. Once you pick your type, there is no turning back. There are three types: Maniac (faster energy regeneration rate), Mogul (more money from buildings), and Fearless (faster health regeneration rate).

Character selection is where most people make the biggest mistake. The common thought is that energy is important, so the "Maniac" is the best because it regenerates energy 40% faster than any other class. Wrong! While it sounds good at first, the way to level your character as fast as possible is to never need to wait for energy in order to level up. Therefore, any bonus to energy regeneration is inconsequential.

The best class for leveling up quickly is Fearless. Most people seem to think fearless is the worst class because its bonus is to regenerate health quicker, but health in Mafia Wars is inconsequential. This part is true. However, in order to level quickly, the plan is to never need to rely on energy regeneration in the first place! So energy regeneration is inconsequential as well.

However, only the Fearless type can be promoted to "Wheelman" in the top mafia section. If your character is someone else's "Wheelman", there is a chance that you will be able to do your job at no energy cost(but you still get the xp!). Only Fearless characters can be promoted to Wheelman.

What does this mean? Only Fearless characters can possibly get a bonus to "energy efficiency", that is because they randomly get a chance to spend no energy, they get more exp per energy point (assuming you are someone's wheelman)!

So, when you chose your character, choose "Fearless."

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