Senin, 26 Oktober 2009

cheat farm file trapt ur farmer

Harvesting, plowing, and planting a big farm is a lengthy process. This popular cheat increases the speed at which your farmer works by 2-3 times. What you do is trap your farmer at the center of the farm in hay bales, fences, animals, or whatever you like. When your farmer is trapped, he will automatically harvest, plant, plow, or build instantly with no travel time. The simple fact that he does not need to move to each planting square saves tons of time. Additionally, there is no slow walks when doing things on opposite sides of the farm.

Here is what it looks like:

He looks pretty content standing in those hay bales..

These bales or items should be placed in a square shape (you can use 4 points like a compass as well) around the space where your farmer starts off (direct center of your farm). You should leave a space in the square where your farmer appears as he need some space to move around. The only downside to this strategy is that you lose 1 planting space, but the speed increase is well worth it.

It could be argued that this is cheating rather than a "creative use of game mechanics", as this was never intended (could result in a ban). However, I imagine one in four farms already uses this technique since it is that valuable, and there is no way they can afford (from a financial standpoint) to ban 1/4 (or more) of their users. Additionally, I think the fact that this cheat is so popular underscores how annoying it can be to plow a big farm. Fuel honestly does not do much - the free fuel should be twice as effective, and the fuel you actually pay for should be twenty times as effective, it's just not worth spending money on at all at this point.

By trapping your farmer and using GridClicker, farming in FarmVille is a breeze.

Thanks to the various people who have mentioned this to me at this point, finally got around to making a post!

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